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Health and the High Street

This page contains a range of collated data, information and background content associated to this local health and the high street work linked to Wirral 20:20 pledge and plan.

  • Healthy High Streets: good place making in an urban setting
    This report is aimed at local decision makers and examines how high streets are used as an asset to improve the overall health of local communities.

  • Tipping the scales: case studies on the use of planning powers to limit hot food takeaways  (Local Government Association)
    This report details seven case studies from the UK where local authorities have used planning powers to limit hot food takeaways. It includes a number of key messages such as: ensuring decision-makers understand the issues; using planning powers as part of a community healthy weight strategy; and engaging the whole community in discussion about implementation.

  • Associations between exposure to takeaway food outlets, takeaway food consumption, and body weight in Cambridgeshire, UK: population based, cross sectional study (BMJ, 2014)
    This research set out to examine the association between environmental exposure to takeaway food outlets, takeaway food consumption, and body weight, while accounting for home, work place, and commuting route environments.

  • Healthy people, healthy places briefing Obesity and the environment: regulating the growth of fast food outlets obesity and Environment (Local Government Association, 2014) 
    This briefing addresses the opportunities to limit the number of fast food takeaways (primarily hot food takeaways, especially near schools) and ways in which fast food offers can be made healthier. It summarises the importance of action on obesity and a specific focus on fast food takeaways, and outlines the regulatory and other approaches that can be taken at local level.

  • Health on the High Street Report Royal Society for Public Health (2015) 
    This briefing discusses the benefits of making high streets a diverse place in which to have fun and enhance health and wellbeing that will in turn make them an attractive destination for the public, which in turn may help rejuvenate many. 
    Health on the High Street References

  • Improving the public's health: A resource for Local Authorities (Kings Fund, 2013)
    The report looks at the n
    ine key areas that can improve public health and reduce inequalities

  • Spatial Planning for Health: A guide to embedding the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment in spatial planning (November 2010)
    This guide has been developed during a transformational period of structural reform for both the public health and town and country planning sectors.

  • Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA): Planning Healthy Weight Environments
    Provide evidence on bringing closer planning and health -  6 Healthy Weight Environments elementsTCPA checklist

  • Building the Foundations: Tackling obesity through planning and development Produced by Local Government Association
    This publication was written by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA). The TCPA is an independent housing and planning charity working to improve the planning system in accordance with principles of sustainable development. Over the last few years it has been undertaking activities under the theme of ‘Reuniting health with planning’.

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