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Public Voice

Embedding Social Action: Local People working with Public Sector (April 2017)
From November 2015 to August 2016 the government collaborated with the New Economics Foundation to develop resources for commissioners and other public sector leaders to help them embed social action in commissioning.

Social action is about people coming together to help improve their lives and solve important problems in their communities. When the public sector works with communities – listening to citizens, growing their capacity to act, and working with them as equals – social action can become a powerful way of meeting people’s needs.

These publications provide resources, ideas and case studies on how to embed social action into existing services, develop new programmes and create the conditions for social action. Resources can be found on the website. 

Wirral JSNA: Sensory Service survey results (2015)
This short report outlines the survey results provided by the Wirral Sensory Service in Autumn 2015. This was an opportunity for parents, carers and service users to provide their insight into the service they receive and issues they see as affecting their lives. View this document for more information. 

Local survey of ex-military personnel and veterans (2015)
This short report outlines the survey results provided by the Wirral based All Military Members Organisation or AMMO in April 2015. This was an opportunity for ex-service personnel and veterans, living or accessing support in Wirral, to provide their insight into issues they see as affecting their lives. View the document for more information.

Practical guide to engaging with clinical commissioning groups Compact Voice (May 2015)
This guide, produced in partnership with Regional Voices for Better Health, is aimed at voluntary organisations and provides practical steps to help develop relationships with clinical commissioning groups. They have also published practical guidance to engaging with health and wellbeing boards

What people are saying about using evidence to inform how they work...

We asked a number of people from across Wirral, across organisations and across sectors to tell us about their experience of the JSNA and using the evidence to inform their work. These were things like how they used it, what it told them and what they went onto do as a result of finding the information.

This series of 4 very short videos will I hope provide you with the confidence to do what they did, jump into the evidence in the JSNA content and across the Wirral Intelligence Service website to spend time looking around and find out what it has that could help with what you do.

If you get anything from the clips then pass the link onto others, the more people who feel they can get into the Wirral Intelligence Service website, use what it has and shape what it might be in the future will help everyone.

In fact let me know what you think! Email me at

The following videos where provided courtesy of Community Action Wirral

Andrew Cooper, Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group

Christine Beyga, Adult Social Services, Wirral Council

Wendy Robertson, Life Expectancy Wirral

Ewen Sim, Local GP

JSNA - Uncoference Event