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Children & Young People

Key messages (September 2019)

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Children & Young People: JSNA
(Previously published in 2018)

Overview of needs (July 2016)
This document provides an overview of the key issues impacting upon Wirral children and their families. It provides the basis for the work of partners through the improving and developing quality intelligence and needs analysis. This evolves commissioning for outcomes based on insight and a sound evidence. The Children, Young People and Families Strategy pledges will be effectively informed and underpinned by this, and the next generation, needs analysis.

Child Protection and Looked after Children section
(Previously published in 2015)

Children & Young People section
(Previously published in 2013)

Mental Health and Wellbeing Profile (June 2016)
The profile presents all the local authority level indicators contained within the Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Profiling Tool.

Demographic Information for Early Years and Maternity (July 2016)
This document includes data on numbers of births, children and young people in Wirral and population projections for children. It also includes information on deprivation, prevalence of low birthweight, breastfeeding, obesity and injuries.

Early Years Foundation Stage Briefing (April 2016) 
This report provides analysis of the Early Years Foundation Stage scores in academic year ending in 2015.

Demographic Information for Early Years and Maternity (February 2016)
This document includes demographic information on numbers of children and young people in Wirral, population projections for children, deprivation, prevalence of low birthweight, obesity and other key health issues in the early years.

Children & Young People's Health Benchmarking Tool
Produced by Public Health England, this online fingertips tool is updated as and when data becomes available and can be accessed here.

Youth & Policy Special Edition: The Next Five Years: Prospects for young people (May 2015)
This document offers a critical space for discussion around youth policy and youth work theory and practice.